About Lee, Jae Joong

21’ 05💥 Finished Ph.D Core Requirements (Equivalent to a qualification exam in other univs.)
21’ 01Started the first Ph.D semester in CS at Purdue University.
18’ 05Recieved Bacheolr of Science in Computer Sciecne(CS) at Purdue University.


20’ 08A computer vision approach for classifying isometric grip force exertion levels, Hamed Asadi, Guoyang Zhou, Jae Joong Lee, Vaneet Aggarwal, Denny Yu, Ergonomics, link
20’ 01Smartphone-based lateral flow imaging system for detection of food-borne bacteria E. coli O157: H7, Youngkee Jung, Yoojung Heo, Jae Joong Lee, Amanda Deering, Euiwon Bae, Journal of microbiological methods, link